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Activity Description: This activity is actually three different discussion-based activities to be used in a station rotation discussion day format.  It does require some prework with the double journal note-taking graphic organizer included in the resources.  This station rotation discussion format could be used with each chapter, a grouping of chapters, or at the end of the book.  If you are encompassing the entire book, this activity will most likely take several days.Time needed for activity: 30-45 (10ish minutes per station)Resources needed for activity: student notes using the double journal note-taking graphic organizer (linked here and as a PDF in the resources) paper for timelines or internet access to or another online timeline maker, internet access to an online discussion tool like or a discussion forum on your LMS.Assessment strategies:  See the attached rubrics for possible assessment methods.
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AEA Template for Building Lessons
Literature, Educational Technology, Composition and Rhetoric, Reading Literature
High School
Grade 9, Grade 10
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