Creating Equations, Tables & Graphs

Chen’s Pair of Shoes

Work Time

Chen’s Pair of Shoes

Chen bought a pair of shoes and paid a total of $32.40. The sales tax was 8%. What was the price of the shoes?

  • Copy and complete the table. Show the information given in the problem, and what you need to find.
  • Write an equation to find the price of the shoes.
  • Solve the equation.
  • Complete the given table to show the final amounts for different starting amounts.
  • Make a graph that shows the relationship between the starting amounts and the final amounts.


  • When you write the equation, how do you change the 8% to a decimal? What do you need to account for in your equation?
  • Marcus wrote this equation: 1.08 • p = 32.40. Why did he multiply by 1.08? How could he write the equation differently?
  • Once you have filled in the table with $32.40 including the 8% tax, how do you extend the table? What stays constant? What varies?