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    Persuasive Writing (Years 7-9)

    Persuasive Writing (Years 7-9)


    Persuasive Writing - using your words to convince other people to agree with your opinion.

    There are many techniques to persuade poeple of your opinion, but they all fall under one of three persausive devices (the pillars of persuasion). 

    Here we are going to cover the three pillars and some of the techniques you can use to persuade someone in a speech, letter, essay or article. These devices can be used in any combination of ways to effectively persuade an audience. 

    Baby Steps!

    Students are asked to watch 3 videos on persuasion. The information given is basic, and should be already familiar from previous study in lower years.

    Watch these videos! Get a taste of what we use in persuasive writing to actually PERSUADE someone. I bet you already know quite a few of these. Once you have watched all the videos, and you are confident that you know most of the information, move on to the next task.

    Persuade Me!

    Using the worksheet as a guide, students are asked to write a persuasive piece on based off four options.

    Students should be marked on how well they are able to effectively integrate a variety of persuasive devices and techniques. Their reasoning and structure should be acceptable, discretion necessary depeding on level of student's writing skills and knowledge.

    Use the notes for help. Choose one and write:

    1.  A speech - Video games are bad for children - agree, disagree, explain and persuade 

    2.  A letter - A country (choose which one) is (bad/good) to travel to - explain and persuade

    3.  An article - Pets are good for children - agree, disagree, explain and persuade

    4. A blog entry - Food at restraunt (choose which one) is (bad/good) - explain and persuade


    Once you are done planning and writing, edit your work. When you have finished all three, have a tutor mark your Persuasive piece. Ask them if you were persuasvie.