Aaron Eldridge
Composition and Rhetoric, Language, Grammar and Vocabulary
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High School
11, 12
  • Diction
  • Iowa K-12 E-Curriculum
  • Rant
  • Tone
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    Diction and Tone: 100 Word Rant


    This lesson is for an AP Language and Compositon course and is focused on developing precision of language and tone in a student's writing.  It is the beginning of a process that will as students to be more purposeful with language.

    Activate Background Knowledge

    This is where you put information for the teacher to teach the task or support the task


    What is tone?  How might an author convey tone? How might tone influence an argument?

    Download “Some tips on tone”.  Review the information on the sheet (pay attention to the verbs that can take the place of show, utilizes, and uses and different ways writers convey tone).


    Diction is another word for word choice.  

    Tone is the author's attitude towards his or her subject.

    Diction and tone are closely related.  Diction is one of the most effective tool a writer uses to create tone.  As we talk about precision of language, selecting the correct word for the correct idea is super important.


    Creation of Tone:

    What kind of tone would you expect a rant to be?

    How might an author convey the appropriate tone of a rant?

    Watch the example rants and think about how the tone of the rant is conveyed through language.


    Auto-Correct Rant

    Password Rant


    Although the speaker of our rant has other tools like hand gestures and inflection, how does he use language to develop the tone of his rant?


    100 Word Rant Assignment

    Download the 100 word rant assignments.  

    You will write Two 100 word rants for the next class meeting.


    How does word choice and precision of language influence tone?  Why should we be conscious of tone in our personal argument essays?

    100 Word Rant: Workshopping

    Download 100 Word Rant Student Examples.

    Read the student example 100 word rants and highlight word choice that you feel is especially precise or strong tone words.

    Discuss the strengths and weakness of each rant and how language creates tone.

    Peer Feedback:

    Exchanage rants with at least two other students.  Provide feedback on the following:


    Identify language that you feel is precise and effective in developing the tone of a rant.

    Identify language that you feel could/should be more precise and doesn't really contribute to the tone of a rant.


    Is the tone effective as a rant? How can it be improved?

    Have a short discussion with writer to discuss your observations and suggestions.

    Based on the suggestions provided, revise your 100 Word Rant and submit to as a final draft.