Rebecca Velasquez
Art History, Literature, U.S. History
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Middle School, High School
8, 9
  • Harlem Renaissance; Research Project
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    8th Grade Plagiarism Lesson


    This lesson was used with 8th graders. It was used to teach proper research techniques and how to avoid plagiarism. It culminated in a multimedia walk through to which parents were invited.

    Harlem Renaissance Exhibit

    Harlem Renaissance Virtual Exhibit

    We have studied the Harlem Renaissance briefly in class. Now is your chance to find out more about this cultural movement. As a class, you are making a virtual exhibit of the Harlem Renaissance on Power Point with each of you responsible for one branch. Although some may be covering the same topic, I expect everyone to work individually.


           Branch A: Music/ Branch B: Art/ Branch C: Literature/

           Branch D: Poetry/ Branch E: Theater and Dance


    Specific Requirements

    A written summary of the branch, including main characteristics and prominent people  associated with the branch . (1-2 paragraphs)

    A focus on at least 3 artists with:        

    • a paragraph biography written on each        

    • a photograph of each

    • at least 3 representations of their work        

    • an interesting anecdote about at least one of the artists (from an interview, biography, etc.)-A Quote


    • music or  talking

    • This may be a link.

    Pictures- aside from the artists, representations of your theme (a picture of a trumpet for jazz)


    Grading Criteria

    • Information is presented in a neat and logical way

    • All required elements are included

    • Information is accurate and in your own words, except for the anecdote

    • Sources are cited on a credits page


    Resources Available


    Part 1


    Due Date:

    Part 2

    First Profile

    Due Date:

    Part 3

    Second Profile

    Due Date:

    Part 4

    Complete Power Point

    Due Date: