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    Applying the Code of Ethics to Addiction Counseling


    This resource provides a brief description of how to use the CAADE/ACCBC Code of Ethics to facilitate knowledge and skill development of the addication counselor. Introduction of the Code of Ethics, assignments, quiz questions and exam questions can be developed using this resource.

    Human Services 113 Co-Occueeing Disorders

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    The resource I have chosen to submit for this assignment is the California Associations of Drug/Alcohol Association, Addiction Counselor Certification Board of California’s Code of Ethics. This resource is used as a guide for students to gain the knowledge and understanding of the specific principles (1-11) highlighted in the Code of Ethics. Students are instructed to access, print and sign the document.


    Additionally, Discussion Board assignments are assigned in which accessing this resource is required. The task is for students to identify areas of strength and areas in which need strengthened regarding their individual counseling abilities. Students are asked to identify one area in which they are confident and explain what experiences have contributed to this level of competence. They are also asked to identify an area in which improvement is needed and to develop a plan of action as to what they will do to gain the knowledge and experiences that will facilitate the growth and development of skill and knowledge. Finally, the information from this resource is included in quizzes and exams.

    CAADE ACCBC Code of Ethics