Clare Thompson-Ostrander
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Lecture Notes, Lesson, Teaching/Learning Strategy, Unit of Study
Community College / Lower Division
Northern Essex Community College
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    English Composition I: Using Varied Sources


    A lesson for English Composition I that includes a PowerPoint lecture, resources about writing ,and plagiarism.

    A Guide for Using Varied Sources in Your College Essays

    The Moves Writers Make PowerPoint

    This PowerPoint is designed to accompany an in-class lesson on how to avoid some of the common mistakes students make when integrating direct quotes within their college essays. 

    Using MLA: Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Avoiding Plagiarism

    This remixed chapter is designed to be assigned as an interactive flipped classroom reading assignment for college writing students who are learning how to integrate direct quotes and paraphrases into their college essays using the MLA format. Students would complete the Prime the Pump Pre-reading activity, and then actively read and interact with the embedded links found within the chapter, and finally, complete the post reading reflection activity. This work would be done independently by students before they come to a class discussion or workshop that will help them apply the concepts discussed in this chapter.  

    A Guide for Using Varied Sources in Your College Essays

    This chapter is designed as a guide for students who are learning to integrate and cite information from various sources inside their college essays. This chapter focuses on MLA standards. Teachers would provide this short chapter to students in class and review how to use the various examples as a guide for integrating and citing quotes and paraphrases from various sources.