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6 Traditional Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your SEO

6 Traditional Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your SEO


Traditional marketing strategies can also help you with your own small business SEO efforts.

Below are the top 6 traditional marketing strategies that can also help your SEO strategy.

Does traditional marketing matter today?

Modern businesses seem to be so preoccupied with direct digital marketing strategies like social media advertising, pay-per-click, and website creation but often overlook the impact that traditional marketing channels can also have on conversion and organic search engine optimization.

Most businesses today tend to stay away from traditional marketing strategies because digital marketing appears cheaper. However, that does not mean conventional marketing strategies are not effective anymore.

In fact, traditional marketing strategies can also help you with your own small business SEO efforts.

Below are the top 6 traditional marketing strategies that can also help your SEO strategy:


Holding an Exhibition

Your presence in the public square can create a good deal of buzz online. From the on and off-site promotion to the brand mentions by those that attend the event.

With more and more people commenting on their daily lives, sharing their experiences online - as well as their location - holding public events, exhibitions and show, with your own branded exhibition display stands, products and services, can be a great way to create brand mention opportunities that wind up online and which Google will notice.

Trade fairs and exhibition events are incredibly popular today. These are the types of events where one or more companies will display their newest product innovations to prospective consumers and investors. 

This type of setting also allows representatives of the company to meet with prospective stakeholders in-person and answer any questions they might have. 

Post Cards and Flyers

Print flyers never go out of style. As long as people are still driving cars and going to physical storefronts, you can always attract their attention with print flyers.

A flyer that calls people to action - such as going to your website - not only increases traffic (a potential ranking signal) but also causes more people to type in your brand or URL directly - a very good signal to Google of your popularity and almost certainly a ranking factor.

Vehicle signage can help your SEO in a similar way.

Have you ever seen a vehicle with a lot of colourful graphics and signage on its exterior? If so, then you saw a vinyl wrapped vehicle with printed graphics and images.

Vinyl wraps allow you to comfortably cover your car, truck, or motorcycle with a visually stunning advertisement. You can cover a portion of your vehicle or the entire thing without even interfering with the paint job.

Whenever you drive your vehicle, you’ll be advertising your business, encouraging them to take action that leads them to your website or social media platform.

Again, traffic and directly entered branded searches or URL’s are a great way to send Google the kinds fo signals that are likely to be taken as authoritative.


Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is the classic physical version of email marketing and can be just as effective as email marketing.

A new business needs to think beyond clicks. Anything that generates more traffic and more branded signals to your site is going to help lift your keywords in Google (all other things considered). It’s also going to have a potentially positive impact on your conversion rate.

Rather than sending lots of emails to different people which often get deleted before they are read, trying sending lots of printed letters, postcards, catalogues, and flyers through direct mail (also known as snail mail).

If you make your direct mail advertisement attractive and eye-catching, then your recipients are more likely going to pay attention to it and not throw it away immediately.

Consider adding QR codes are other similar gimmicks to your snail mail campaign so that people can get to your website even easier.



Billboard advertisements are found alongside highways, interstates, and all high-traffic roads. They are giant displays that people can see clearly when they pass by them in their cars. 

If you have your billboard advertisement posted, you will likely get thousands of people to see it each day.

There is a reason why big business still rely on billboards.

Many prospective customers will search your site after seeing it mentioned in other forms of offline media. This leads to highly relevant and powerful search behaviour which Google rewards.


Newspaper and Magazine Print Ads

There are still some who read printed newspapers and magazines. These are mostly people from older generations who are more accustomed to reading from written material.

If your products or services are something that older people would want, then you can target them by purchasing print ads in a newspaper or magazine.
Those with any familiarity with the internet are apt to take opportunities and interests from print media and search online for the corresponding product or service. Again, this kind of traffic is favoured by Google and is treated as a valuable rank signal within its algorithm.



Telemarketing may be the most uncomfortable traditional marketing strategy to implement, but you can always hire someone else to call people for you.

To make telemarketing more successful for your business, you need to obtain a high-quality list of leads. Make sure the leads are interested in the type of products or services that you are selling.

Most people will ask for a website as a validator. This enables you to direct targeted traffic straight to your site, increasing traffic, time on site and page views, all of which can improve your site ranking.

What’s more, your telemarketing strategy can be hyper-specific with a view to targeting certain pages.

Telemarketing is also a fairly cheap marketing strategy. You can engage thousands of people in targeted calls and even get them to use Google as the means of finding your site.

Searches that use branded keywords in order to find products and services through Google send a strong message to Google about that brand’s reputation and service or product offerings and are a key component in any good SEO strategy.