Rachel Hyder
Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry
Material Type:
Assessment, Homework/Assignment
High School, Community College / Lower Division
  • Algebra 2
  • Precalculus
  • Transformations
  • Trigonometry
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    Transformations in Algebra and Trigonometry

    Transformations in Algebra and Trigonometry


    Exploration assignments of transformations with both Algebra 2 parent functions and Trigonometric Functions.

    Transformations in Algebra and Trigonometry

    This is a collection of transformation resources developed to connect transformation exploration in both Algebra 2 curriculum into Trigometry/Pre-Calculus.  In the trigonometry exploration, students will need to label their axes so that they recognize that the x-axis will need to be in terms of pi.  They will also discover that horizontal transformations work best when shifting right or left in terms of pi or their points will be difficult to graph accurately.

    A collection of transformations practice and exploration with Alegra 2 parent functions in connection to trigonometry functions.  Transformations include reflections, translations, stretch/compressions vertically and horizontally.

    Assessment for Intro to Trigonometry Transformations

    Mid-chapter quiz evaluating trigonometric values, graphing the parent functions and a transformation example naming movement/change using proper vocabulary and any resulting traits of the graph.