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    PBS - At Home TV Learning Opportunities

    PBS - At Home TV Learning Opportunities


    We’re excited to announce a partnership between the public television stations across Washington and OSPI.  Your local public television station is helping support educators, parents and caregivers with a variety of free high-quality, accessible educational media resources.

    The PBS KIDS 24/7 channel and PBD KIDS programming on the main channel (for young learners ages 2-8) and the WORLD channel At-Home Learning Service (for learners grades 6-12) feature broadcast programming linked to at-home learning resources that can be used by educators to supplement distance learning plans, or by parents to provide added enrichment and support for children’s educational needs.


    With both channels available free over the air, these educational programs can reach families who do not have internet access or computers at home.

    Your Washington State PBS Member Stations Support You!

    PBS member stations throughout Washington are partnering with OSPI to support educators as they embark on a new journey of providing distance learning for students.

    As we all understand the importance of equity in education, especially during this time, please note that in addition to our regularly scheduled educational programming available on broadcast, we are now partnering with the WORLD Channel to broadcast content for grades 6-12 from 9 am to 2 pm weekdays starting Monday, March 30.

    To see the programming in your area, link to the WORLD Channel “At-Home Learning” page. At the bottom of the page you’ll see links to the schedule and to the resources for teachers, students, and families.  (To make sure you’re accessing the correct local information, you can set your local station by entering your zip code at the top of the World channel site.)

    Thank you for all that you do for the students in Washington, and please know that we are here for you.


    • PBS LearningMedia has FREE, pre K-12 standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans and more for educators. The site integrates with many learning platforms schools are using, including Google Classroom, Clever, Remind, and Schoology.

    • Responding to the need for educational resources for students as schools closed due to the coronavirus, all PBS member stations in Washington and WORLD Channel, in partnership with PBS LearningMedia, will begin broadcasting At-Home-Learning programs intended for grades 6-12 on Monday, March 30, from Monday – Friday, 9am-2pm. These daily, free, over-the-air broadcasts will feature the best in public media science, history and other educational programming. All programs in the block have associated PBS Learning Media assets.
    • Educational programming for younger students will continue to be available on member station main broadcast channels and the 24/7 PBS KIDS broadcast channel.



    • The PBS KIDS 24/7 channel offers anytime access to trusted educational series for kids ages 2-8.

    • The PBS KIDS Video app is available on mobile, tablet and connected TV devices and offers on-demand educational videos, and a livestream of the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel. No subscription required.

    • The PBS KIDS Games app offers nearly 200 educational games, which can be downloaded for offline play anytime, anywhere. Learn more about these and PBS KIDS’ other apps here:


    Visit PBS Learning Opportunities on the OSPI website for more information


    Environmental Educators Andy Pearce and Amala Posey prepare for their first live broadcast from Grand Canyon's new Virtual Studio for Kids.

    NPS Photo by Kristen M. Caldon