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    A bunch of tips, that can help students overwhelm their problems in studying.

    Education tips

    Studying is the biggest fear which eats up the first years. Transiting from high school to college learning environment can cause anxiety. You confuse yourself trying to find the best way of studying, trying to "write my essay in one night", etc.. The overwhelming amount of work and a new studying environment needs a change in study technique. This article will share some of the creative study techniques. Find out how to deal with the trial and error approach of studying.

    Study in a group.

    Studying in a group is more rewarding than doing it alone. Quickly get hold of your close friends and form a study group. The group should be small and manageable. A group of fewer than 8 members is the best. After the formation of the study group, come up with your rules and regulation. Always agree on the meeting place beforehand. Keep time and decide on the topics to deal with during the study time. Use some questions to revise when exam approaches.

    Take coffee.

    Coffee is good for study. It is a good source of caffeine stimulant. Take some coffee to stimulate yourself as you study. Avoid excess coffee because you need to sleep after finishing the study. Sleeping is mandatory. You need enough sleep to stay healthy.

    Make some motions.

    Do not stick in a stationary place as you take your group study. Move around and make learning fun. Use gestures when necessary to explain concepts to your friend and when getting back their feedback. Avoid those test-taking environment where people keep calm and silent. They make studying dull and boring.

    Make your study notes attractive and visible.

    Never make your study notes boring. Color your notes with different color codes to make them visible and attractive to read. Highlight major points with different colors to contrast other writings. This makes reading easy. You can take very minimum time to scan through the notes and take in the essential points.

    Avoid procrastination

    Finish assignment first before doing any other non-educational tasks. Avoid postponing assignments. Let study time be for its purpose. Finish study and assignment before hurrying for any form of leisure activity.

    Motivate yourself

    Maintain a spirit of positivity. Identify any fun that keeps you motivated. You can decide upon an event, favorite food, or any other hobby. Find some friends to help you celebrate yourself. It will help you keep stress at bay.

    Stay away from your phone

    Unless you are researching with your phone, keep it away. Stay away from your friend's disturbing phone. It is likely to divide your attention and consume much of your study time.

    Turn study concepts into a memorable poem, acronyms, or comic words.

    Studying straight facts can be difficult in remembering. In your study group, try to come up with some creative acronym to represent some concepts for easy remembrance. Come up with some poetic and comic songs to make you remember some crucial points that are difficult to memorize directly.

    Repetitive writing of notes.

    Write and rewrite the concept in shot notes. Come up with some questions about a tough concept. Write answers to the questions repeatedly until the concept sinks.

    Have enough sleep

    Stop burning your midnight candle. Have time to rest and sleep. Plan your time well, and work within the schedule. Understand your limits to avoid exhausting yourself. Mind tour mental health. Get enough sleep and rest as your study.

    Take a break for leisure

    Studying subjects your body to tension. You need some refreshment activities to keep away stress. Organize some recreational activities with your friends for enjoyment. You can have a dance party, birthday party or any other refreshing event.


    You must be tactical in studying. Employ the right technique when studying. You will avoid wasting energy and time grasping tough concepts. Avoid torturing your mind with ineffective reading habits. Take breaks, motivate yourself, get enough sleep, and eat well as you study. I hope the techniques will work for you.