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    Navigation support document.reading_amusement park

    Navigation support document.reading_amusement park


    Navigation support documents are worksheets that list a set of websites with a task created around them aligned to a teaching objective. 

    These worksheets can guide learners from one website/ webpage to the next asking them to perform certain learning activities using each link in order to achieve the objective.


    Navigation support document


    Skill developed: Reading using websites

    Pre- Reading

    You have seen varieties of rides in an amusement park. Think about your favourite ride. Did you enjoy riding it?

    Go to the following site and look at the various rides in an amusement park

    Open any one picture and try to describe the ride you see – how one enters the ride, the path it takes, what one feels, etc. 

    While - Reading

    Here is a passage about the Incredible Machine in an amusement park. Read the passage and answer questions 1-7.

    Post – Reading

    Search the internet for the world’s most dangerous rides or unusual entertainment parks. Save their pictures and share on Padlet. Also write a few sentences about its inventor or the location.