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Class of Ninth Semester

Class of Ninth Semester


The resources are dealing with human rights

Human Rights

Human Rights are the rights of humans that are enshrined within them by their very birth. Transgenders have been exploited and victimized due to the age-old practices of law and society. For social and legal setups for years together there has been recognition of two genders, males and females only. This led them to be either ostracised or be given limited educational and working preferences. However, the recent change in laws has led them to have a decent living and livelihood

Human Rights of transgenders

Fig 1. Human Rights Council

Discussion on pertinent issues

The Human Rights Council is the Penultimate organization of the World, dealing with Human Rights. The focus here is to have the human rights of transgenders.


Fig 2. The Eunuchs of Karachi

Picture from PakistanThe biggest problem while discussing the rights of transgenders is that they are victims of major ignorance of people who cannot distinguish between them and the homosexuals. The third gender has vivid recognition in scriptures as well as in religious denominations. But still for years together they have been exploited. However, in recent times they have been given due recognition and we have transgenders at important positions in the society.


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