Lynn Ann Wiscount, Erin Halovanic, Vince Mariner
U.S. History
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    All About the States

    All About the States


    This lesson plan allows students to learn about state symbols.

      Lesson Objectives

      Students will be able to:

      • Research information on a state's symbols.
      • Recognize the location of the state on the United States map.
      • Create slide(s) with facts about a state.
      • Present to their classmates about the state(s) they researched.

      Warm Up / Introduction

      Instructor Notes:

      Before the activity, you need to determine how to distribute the names of the states for the students to research.  The simplest way is to throw the names in a hat or cup and have each student select one (or more) depending on how many students you have.  A state listing is provided which can be used for this process.

      If you are not a resident of Pennsylvania, you can substitute other videos about the states in place of those available on the POWER Library 

      Remind students that they should complete one KWL chart for each state they are assigned.

      Assessment: The assessment will be based on the student's ability to complete the KWL chart.

      Activity Directions:

      • Your instructor will assign you a state or states to learn about.
      • Using a KWL chart for each assigned state, record what you know about the state(s) and what you want to know about the state(s).
      • Open the POWER Kids or POWER Library webpage.
      • Locate and select the TrueFlix database.
      • Click on My United States under the People, Places and History section of the main page.
      • Once the My United States catagory opens, you will see an e-book for every state.
      • Click on the state you were assigned.
      • Watch the video
      • Once you have finished watching the video, complete the "What I learned section of the KWL chart".
      • Repeat the process for each state you were assigned.


        Research / Explore Activity

        Instructor Notes:

        Remember that each student should have a graphic organizer for each state they are researching.

        Students can use web resources as well as any reference books and magazines that may be available in your library.

        Students should use the following POWER Library resources:

        • Power Library TrueFlix – My United States Collection
        • Power Library Elementary - Georgraphy, U.S. States
        • Power Library Gale eBooks - Junior Worldbook Encyclopedia of the States under Nation & World.
        • Power Library General One File - World Almanac & Book of Facts

        Assessment: The assessment will be based on the student's ability to complete the All About the State Graphic Organizer.

        Activity Directions:

        • Using the websites provided, complete a graphic organizer for each state you are researching.
        • As you are researching the state(s), write down four (4) fun facts that you can share with your classmates as part of a presentation.


          Reinforcement / Creation Activity

          Instructor Notes:

          Place a copy of the All About States Presentation where it can be accessed by all students.  A slide is included for each of the 50 states.  Students will need to locate that state(s) they were assigned and update those slides.

          Each slide in the presentation is designed to look like a trading card. Slide 2 contains a sample with information included for Washington D.C.

          When the students are presenting, the state's slide can be used as a backdrop. 

          A plan needs to be in place if the students are not able to research all 50 states.  This plan should also contain details of how the additional states will be shared.

          A completed copy of the presentation can be digitized or photocopied for each student.  This comprehensive document on all 50 states can be used as a reference on the states.

          Activity Directions:

          • Following instructions from your instructor, locate and open the presentation "All About the States Presentation".
          • Find and update the slide in the presentation that corresponds to the state(s) you were assigned to research.  Each slide is designed to look like a trading card.
          • Once all students have completed their slides, be prepared to give a brief presentation about the state you researched.


          For this activity, you will be assessed on your knowledge of the state, your behavior while others are conducting their presentation and your oral presentation.



          Instructor Reflection:

          Reflect on the lesson plan and document what worked for you, what did not work for you, and what you would change for the next time you utilize this lesson.


          Using the All About The States Lesson Reflection handout, reflect on the following questions:

          • What have I learned about this topic?
          • What surprised me about this topic?
          • What interested me the most?
          • What did you find most difficult?