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Primary sources provide firsthand evidence and perspectives of historical events by the person writing them.  Students will read various types of correspondence (letters, diaries, and postcards) and analyze their content.  Students will then take on the role of a citizen and write a letter as if they were part of a major event of the Civil War. 
Communication, English Language Arts, Composition and Rhetoric, Language, Grammar and Vocabulary, History, U.S. History
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Riley Barnes on Mar 01, 02:02pm

An easy way to make this lesson plan more accessible is to allow students different options to demonstrate understanding of the primary sources used. A written letter is one option, another could be an artistic project or digital work such as a collage or power point with a smaller written explanation to explain the artistic choices made.

Riley Barnes
on Mar 01, 01:58pm Evaluation

PA.HIST.8.3.8.B: Superior (3)

Not all standards are fully addressed by the lesson plan, and those that are fully addressed are standards for students younger than the stated grade level for this OER.

Riley Barnes
on Mar 01, 01:58pm Evaluation

Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching: Strong (2)

The lesson plan is laid out well, but does not provide alternative options for students with disabilities or for whom English is not their first language.




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