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Complete Lecture Videos for OpenStax Astronomy

Complete Lecture Videos for OpenStax Astronomy


This resource describes the full set of lecture videos available at this YouTube channel. The videos are based on OpenStax Astronomy and are designed for a 14-week course. Lecture Slides that are used in these videos will be available as a separate posted resource.

Lecture Videos for OpenStax Astronomy (L. Woolsey, CC BY-SA 4.0)

I have created a comprehensive set of lecture videos designed for a one-semester non-majors introductory astronomy college course. The material is broken up into seven modules, which are designed to take two weeks each during a regular semester or one week each for accelerated course structures. Images used in the lecture videos come from OpenStax Astronomy and the wider web of Creative Commons media.

The playlists for each Module can be found at my YouTube channel linked here.

This link is a Google Drive spreadsheet, which lists the YouTube URLs for all 61 videos that I have created, and includes information about:

  • Module number (which correspond with slide sets also available in OER Commons)
  • OpenStax chapters/sections covered (so that you can connect useful videos into whatever sequence you use)
  • Type of video (some of the videos in this list I created but do not use the lecture slides)
  • Length of video (they range from 7 minutes to 29 minutes)

If you have difficulty accessing the material, please contact me directly at If you use these slides, please credit me (Dr. Lauren Woolsey) and my home institution (Grand Rapids Community College). You are welcome to link to or embed these videos in your Learning Management System.

There is a separate OER Commons resource that contains information about the lecture slides and how to access them.