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    Prewriting for a Research Project

    Prewriting  for a Research Project


    Students will set up a visual folder to take notes and prewrite a reseach project. This will help guide students to include an introduction,  body and conclustion. This will also help guide students to include 3 subtopics and 3 facts of each subtopics. 

    Duration, multiple days 

    1. Brainstorming

    Start with a fiction read aloud. Discuss how the book was set up One main topic and then sections about that main topic. 

    List 3 topics you are interested in learning more about. Choose the topic you are most interested in. 

    In the video, I wanted to write about bears, dogs, and cats. I know lots about dogs and cats, so I decided to research about bears. 

    Setting up your folder -Choosing your topic

    Each student needs a folder, possibly a ruler, pencils.

    You will need to open your folder and Break it up into 3 sections with a pencil. 

    1. Introduction

    2. Body 

    3. Conclutions

    Decide what your subtopics will be. 

    Get your notes set up-Choosing your subtopics

    Each student will need a total of 9 sticky notes. 3 sticky notes in 3 different colors. 

    Tip: If you don't have sticky notes just used squares of colored paper and students can tape them in the folder. 

    Decide what your subtopics will be. Now you will start to build your notetaking section. You will need 3 different colors of sticky notes. You will need 3 of each color. That is a total of 9 sticky notes. 

    Start Research

    Teacher will need to decide how kids will research. Books, online?  Here are some kids sites available. 



    You will need 3 facts for each subtopic you decided on. Record 3 facts about each subtopic. 

    Build your introduction and Conclution sentences.

    Check to see if all 3 subtopics were listed in the introduction and conclution.

    You will want to list your 3 sub topics in your introduction and then again in your conclution. 

    Start your report.

    The prewriting step is now complete, you may move to the next step in the writing process!