Tayma Sebek
English Language Arts
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Preschool, Lower Primary
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    PreK Fall Lang Arts Small Group

    PreK Fall Lang Arts Small Group


    This is a small group emergent reader lesson for the preschool/kindergarten age range. It would be perfect for your Fall/Leaves changing thematic units! Teachers can gather GOLD data on student's knowledge of concepts of print and comfortability navigating the book. Enjoy!

    Lesson Plan


    Subject/DateTime PeriodLang Arts Small GroupPreschool

    GOLD Standards:

    • 17. Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses
      • a. Uses and appreciates books
      • b. Uses print concepts
    • 18. Comprehends and responds to books and other texts
      • a. Interacts during read-alouds and book conversations
      • b. Uses emergent reading skills


    Bulleted Plans (set, input, modeling, GP/IP, closure)Adaptations (considerations for all learners, UDL) and assessments (C4U) should be indicated

    Today we are going to read about the different colors that we can see in the fall! Lets turn to the first page and I want you to put your finger on your nose and tell me what you see in the picture. (Answer: Pumpkin.)

    Good! Think in your head. What color is a pumpkin? Now trace the name of the color with an orange crayon. Now, point to the first word in the sentence. As we point to each word, repeat after me. “I see an orange pumpkin.”

    Continue the same process with each page of the book. As you are reading the words, allow the students to fill in the color object blanks after you have traced the color word.

    If time allows, let students color the pictures of the book. As they are coloring, have the students read the sentences to you!

    Closure: Excellent job boys and girls! We are going to continue to work on reading this year! Tell a partner one color of fall that we talked about.




    Record data on students comfortability navigating the book:

    • Did they use correct directionality? (L - R)
    • Could they point from word to word
    • Did they use the pictures to predict what the word was?
    • Could they point out concepts of print like the title, cover, etc?
    Record data on students fine motor skills
    • Ability to use crayons

    "PreK Fall Lang Arts Small Group" by Tayma Sebek is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0