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    Color Your World With Kindness Writing

    Color Your World With Kindness Writing


    Students will get to shake up the day a bit with a writing prompt and video on kindness! Everyone needs a little kindness added to their day, so let's teach our students about it! This lesson focuses on use complete thoughts, but prompts the students with questions on how to write. It can be used anywhere from 1-5 grade and with that comes a little change to the lesson.


    Grade Level/Type of Classroom: 3rd grade 

    Topic/Subject: Kindness

    ObjectiveToday we are going to be writing about how we can be kind to one another! We will be specifically focus on using complete thoughts in our sentences. 

    Writer's notebook

    • Set
    • I do
    • We do
    • You do
    • Closure
    • (assess.)
    • (diff.)
    • State objective for the day 
    • Writing Prompt(have students jot down some thoughts in writer's notebook): What does it mean to be kind to someone? How do you show your kindness to your friends?
    • Show video (2:13)
    • Stop after the first act of kindness, “What did you notice about the girl?”
    • “Why do you think she became colorful?”
    • Ask STs what ways they saw kindness in the video.
    • “What ways can you be kind in your classroom?”
    • Put your hand on your nose when you have an idea
    • WGS (whole group share)
    • Have students get out their writer's notebooks
    • Talk to students about adding complete sentences. Use reminders such as (subject, verb, complete thought!) This lesson is a refresher, they already have learned about complete sentences, so briefly go over and send them on their way!
    • Have students write about the prompting question and also what it means to someone to do something kind. 
    • Partner share with the person sitting to your right.
    • Closure- For the rest of school today, I want you to “color” someone else's day with kindness.