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    Education Standards

    How to Read a Journal Article

    How to Read a Journal Article


    This lesson plan was created by Stefanie Green as part of the 2020 NDE ELA OER Project. This lesson plan is designed for sophomore students and would most effectively be taught in collaboration between an English teacher and a school librarian. The lesson will take approximately 60 minutes. 

    View the Google Slides presentation here:

    How to Read a Journal Article

    Please view the Google Slides presentation here:
    *Explanations for each slide are located in the speaker notes section.
    *We have used this lesson in conjunction with a journal article review/analysis project tied to The Other Wes Moore. A Lib Guide with journal articles that connect to themes in the book is listed at the end of this presentation. That task could easily be altered to fit another nonfiction text. It is recommended to pre-select a group of resources and create a lib guide for students to choose one article from so the focus of the project remains on reading, understanding, and drawing connections, rather than searching for a journal article. 

    Nebraska ELA Standards:
    LA 10.1.4.a Adjust reading strategies to persevere through text of increasing length and/or complexity.
    LA 10.1.5.c Acquire new academic and content-specific grade-level vocabulary, relate to prior knowledge, and apply in new situations. 
    LA 10.1.6.a Evaluate the meaning, reliability, and validity of text considering author's purpose, perspective, and contextual influences. 
    LA 10.1.6.i Construct and/or answer literal, inferential, critical, and interpretive questions, analyzing and synthesizing evidence from the text and additional sources to support answers. 
    LA 10.1.6.l Build background knowledge and activate prior knowledge to clarify text, deepen understanding and make connections while reading complex text. 

    Learning Objectives: Students will understand the organization of a social science journal article. Students will develop reading strategies and improve comprehension.

    Time Required: 60 minutes 

    Materials Needed: Printed copies of the journal article “Weapon Carrying among Inner-City Junior High School Students: Defensive Behavior vs Aggressive Delinquency” (1993) or another journal article of your choosing; Highlighters and writing utensils for each student; one-to-one technology for students to explore the lib guide at the end, should you choose to continue to the assignment postion.

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