This is a Grammar Lesson for 3rd Grade.
English Language Arts
Lower Primary
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Jaisha Taveras on Oct 25, 07:22pm

Rubric III: Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching
I rated a 3 in this area because I felt that the content was accessible to anyone and easy to read. The resource The object provides materials that are comprehensive and easy to understand and use. I felt that the lesson touched based on
the object includes suggestions for ways to use the materials with a variety of learners, all objects and all components are provided and function as intended and described

FOR Quality of Technological Interactivity: I rated It a 3 because in this lessons students will be accessing iMovie which I know that being familiar with the 21 first century skills that this app touches base on. I find that the incorporating the use of this source of technology in the lesson makes the lesson technologically interactive. It also touches on 21 century skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication and etc. Students are also accessing media literacy through the read aloud video on grammar as well.



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Average Score (3 Points Possible)
Degree of Alignment2 (1 user)
Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter2 (1 user)
Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching3 (1 user)
Quality of Assessments3 (1 user)
Quality of Technological Interactivity3 (1 user)
Quality of Instructional and Practice Exercises2 (1 user)
Opportunities for Deeper Learning2 (1 user)

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