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The attached lesson plan is designed for 3rd grade English Language Arts students. Students will analyze informational text to determine the main ideas for a report, apply the concepts of the writing process, and communicate their research through an oral presentation to their classroom peers. This lesson plan addresses the following NDE Standards: NE LA 3.1.6.e, NE LA 3.2.1.a,c,d,e,j, NE LA 3.3.1.aIt is expected that this lesson plan will take five one-hour sessions to complete.
English Language Arts, Composition and Rhetoric, Reading Informational Text, Speaking and Listening, Life Science
Upper Primary
Grade 3
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Lesson Plan
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Hope Wells on Jan 21, 08:01pm

This is a great lesson that can be adapted for any grade level. I agree with the other comment about having an additional assignment option for students to record their presentation or to work in a group setting. Additionally, I added another research guide worksheet to help my younger students with the research portion of this lesson. Thank you for providing this lesson! Greatly appreciated~

Jenna Anderson on Apr 08, 04:59pm

I think this is a great lesson plan that aligns very well with the standards. I like that it is cross-content and could be fun for students who enjoy science. The only thing I would change is adding an alternative assignment in the independent practice section. Students who may be unable to give a formal oral presentation could video themselves giving the presentation or be given the opportunity to work on the presentation portion of the project in a group setting.



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