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English Language Arts
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    Education Standards

    1st Grade "OR", "OAR", "ORE" Spelling Patterns

    1st Grade "OR", "OAR", "ORE" Spelling Patterns


    This Lesson Plan was created by Molly Simpson. The attached Lesson Plan is designed for Grade 1 English Language Arts students. Students will be able to understand and spell the words using their knowledge of the various spellings of the same sound: "oar, "or", and "ore". This Lesson Plan can be used with small group instruction or with a whole class. This lesson plan adresses the following NDE Standards: . It is expected that this Lesson Plan will take students 20 to 80 minutes to complete depending on the use of small group or large group instruction.

    How Can You Spell This Sound?

    1. Make a pie chart! Print off the pre-made pie chart or have students make their own pie chart on a white board.
    2. Ask students what the three ways to spell the "or" sound are: "or", "ore", and "oar". Have the students put the three different spellings into its own part of the pie chart.
    3. Remind the students that all of these spellings make the same sound.
    4. Watch The Sound of Or Song to refresh the students' memory of different words with the or sound.
    5. Or Sound Song!

      Title image taken from:

    Blending Phonemes to Make Words!

    1. Say aloud a word from the spelling word list and use it in a sentence.
    2. Ask the students which part of the chart the word belongs in, whether it is "oar", "or", or "ore" based on the correct spelling of the word.
    3. Tell the students to write that word in the necessary part of the chart.
      • As the students write the word, observe each student to see how they are spelling the word.
    4. Ask the students to spell the word out loud.
    5. Move on to the next word on the list after students understand the correct spelling of the given word. This procedure will be repeated until all the spelling words have been spelled.

    Spelling Words

    1.  born
    2. core
    3. corn
    4. more
    5. roar
    6. soar
    7. pork
    8. store
    9. chore
    10. order
    11. shore
    12. forth

    Challenging Words

    1. storm
    2. thorn
    3. forbid
    4. snore
    5. shore
    6. coarse
    7. board

    Small Group Differentiation

    If this lesson is instructed in small groups based on reading level, begin with different level of words. Based on the different learning abilities and levels, each gorup will practice different words from the spelling list. Some of the groups will need to spend more time on each word to learn the correct spelling while others will be able to practice spelling more complex words that are not on the list.

    Group 1: born, core, corn, more, roar, soar (Challenging Words: pork, store, chore, order)

    Group 2: born, core, corn, more, roar, soar, pork, store (Challenging Words: chore, order, shore, forth)

    Group 3: born, core, corn, more, roar, soar, pork, store, chore, order (Challenging Words: shore, forth, storm, thorn)

    Group 4: born, core, corn, more, roar, soar, pork, store, chore, order, shore, forth (Challenging Words: storm, thorn, forbid, snore, shore, coarse, board)

    Spelling Words with the OR Sound!

    1. After all the words from the list are divided into each spelling sound group, the students will erase their whiteboards or set their worksheet to the side.
    2. Say the same spelling words out loud again, one by one, for the students to spell them again by writing them on their white boards.
      • If necessary (if many have spelled the word incorrectly), the students will write the correct spelling of the word two more times for repetition.
    3. If there is extra time after the review of words, the students will try to spell more challenging words with less guidance through the spelling pattern process.