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 Describe different sociological models for understanding global stratificationUnderstand how studies of global stratification identify worldwide inequalities
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Global Stratification and Inequality
World Cultures, Physical Geography, Social Science, Economics, Sociology
High School, Community College / Lower Division
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Joanna Schimizzi
on Oct 20, 03:23pm Evaluation

Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter: Superior (3)

This is test.

Joanna Schimizzi
on Oct 20, 03:23pm Evaluation

Quality of Assessments: Very Weak (0)

There is no assessment associated with this resource. A quiz would be great.

Khaleel Abusal on Oct 13, 03:50pm

The explanation is clear as it can be grasped from the first reading. Suggestions for improvement:
- Give a little more details about how the terms " first, second, and third world" emerged. Are they still current? Do students (or users) of this OER hear or use these terms frequently?

Alexandrea Stritmatter on Oct 13, 03:49pm

It provides a brief summary that quickly explains the topic. However, the sources should be updated. Students should be provided with accurate citations and references.

Hailey Richins on Oct 13, 03:49pm

I like that this resource provides a summary and further research opportunities. I would suggest changing the second Learning Objective to include a Blooms taxonomy verb. Understand is a measurable category of Blooms but doesn't include action.

Jacob Gibson on Oct 13, 03:49pm

It may help be explicit about the exact sociological models that are being discussed

Tatiana Keeling on Oct 13, 03:48pm

You provide an excellent source for further research that contains visually appealing and informative graphs. Would you consider incorporating some of those graphs directly into the entry? It could add visual interest to the material.

Also, I was wondering why you chose that particular visual to start your entry? I am not sure it reflects the main point of this section. Could there be a different visual that would better correspond with the material?

Danyell Dahn on Oct 13, 03:48pm

I appreciate this. I need to look further into it. I teach World Regional Geography and have tried to get my students to consider the impacts of consumption as a benefit and a cost to who and what. I can't remember if I shared this video with my class, but you will almost assuredly be interested.

Joanna Schimizzi on Oct 13, 03:48pm

I like how this resource gives some background and historical context to the different economic terms that are used to describe countries. It's really valuable that the author chose to compare "outdated" terms with more recently chosen terms. It would be great if the author would call out more explicitly the bias in some of those terms to make it visible to everyone.

I also wonder if a different image could be used to represent aspects of a country's economy.

Steve Ornelas on Oct 13, 03:48pm

I liked the picture being clear. I wonder if there could be highlighted definitions to reference quickly.


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