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    Education Standards

    Alphabet Easter Egg Relay


    Students will match colors and letters on the Easter eggs and race them back to team’s basket while performing a variety of locomotor skills.

    Alphabet Easter Egg Relay

    Alphabet Easter Egg Relay Lesson Plan
    Created August 2020 by Michelle Johnson

    Lesson Topic:

    Match colors and letters on the Easter eggs and race them back to team’s basket. 

    Lesson Description:

    Students will match colors and letters on the Easter eggs and race them back to team’s basket. 

    Learning Goals/Outcomes:

    The student will be able to match and identify colors and letters on an Easter egg with ninety-five percent accuracy.

    Nebraska Standards:

    PE.1.1.1.a-Hops, gallops, side slides, and walks in a mature pattern.

    PE.1.2.1.b-Travels at low, middle, and high levels.

    PE.1.2.1.d-Differentiates between fast and slow speeds.

    PE.1.4.1.a-Uses equipment and space appropriately.

    PE.1.4.1.b-Follows the rules and procedures of the learning environment.

    Teacher Planning:

    Equipment/Materials Needed:


    Easter eggs

    Permanent marker

    Time Required for Lesson:

    30 minutes

    Technology Use:

    _____ YES               __x___NO

    Instructional Plan:

    Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:

    The teacher will ask the students what holiday is coming up.  Easter!  (Discuss family traditions during this time—dying eggs, Easter egg hunts, etc.)

    Benefits/Explanation/Real-World Connection:

    Recognizing Easter as a religious holiday and why people celebrate it.  

    Activities (i.e. instructions, warm-up, lesson, cool-down):

    The teacher will prepare twenty-six Easter eggs with an uppercase letter on the top and lowercase letter on the bottom.  Then, separate the halves and place them in a pile for the students to match.  The teacher will set up four baskets on one side of the gym.  The first student in line will have to crab walk to their pile of eggs, match an egg, and run back to put the egg in their basket and high five the next person in line.  The second student will bear crawl to the pile, the third will gallop, and the fourth will skip down.  They will repeat this until all the eggs are matched and put in their basket.  They will sit down when finished so they can go through the eggs and tell the teacher what color and letters are on the eggs. 

    The relay can be a race after the students become familiar with the game.


    The students will go through their baskets and hold up the eggs for students to shout out the letter.  Then, everyone will sing the alphabet song. 

    Assessment :

    The teacher will observe students’ locomotor movements and ability to match colors and letters together.  This is a good lesson to watch and work on fine motor skills in putting their eggs back together. 

    Supplemental Information:


    The locomotor movements can be changed to accommodate all needs and abilities.  To make it more difficult for the older grades, the eggs can be in one large pile for students to sort through the eggs to match. 

    For older grades, the teacher can break the class into two groups and separate the eggs across the middle of the gym.  This will take them longer to match and collect the eggs.


    Safety Precautions:

    Students will be reminded to watch where they are traveling during the relay. 

    Make sure not to step on the eggs.

    Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.)

    This lesson can be used for remote learning.  Students can race against family members or time themselves.