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    Remote Lesson on Creating a Game

    Remote Lesson on Creating a Game


    This lesson allows students a quick view of Bo-Taoshi, a Japanese military training exercise. They will then be challenged to create their own game using items they create, or have at home. 

    Remote Learning Create a Game Challenge

    You may want to give students an example. Here is mine: 

    Create a Game Example Video


    Form I used to collect responses:

    Google Form - Create a Game

    This week, we will watch a new game and create a game of our own! 

    Have you ever play Bao-Taoshi? Watch this! 

    The Game of Bo-Taoshi

    For many reasons, we won't be playing this game. After all, we are not training in the Japanese military. So, why did we watch this? It is a great example of a game unrelated to traditional team sports. Instead, you will be creating a gmae of your own and playing it. 

    You will 

    1. Create a Game that does not exist in a game book or on the internet. 

    • Name the Game
    • Use equipment you have at home or can make.
    • Write up the Rules: include boundaries, scoring, equpment, team sizes, a "fun factor", safety guidelines and possible variations.
    • Create a "How To" video which includes a real example of the game being played. 

    2. Complete this weeks activity log. You will include some thoughts about Bo-Taoshi and upload your video! 


    I am excited to see all the unique game ideas you have, but even more excited to watch you having fun playing them! Get out there!