Blake Simmerman, Amber Hoye, Sara Bakari, Sara Bakari
Languages, World Cultures, Language Education (ESL), Language, Grammar and Vocabulary
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Community College / Lower Division
  • Adverbs
  • Arabic
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sun
  • Weather
  • Wind
  • الجو
  • الطقس
  • العربية
  • عاصف
  • عربي
  • ماطر
  • مثلج
  • هوايات
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    English, Arabic

    Arabic Level 2, Activity 06: "الطَّقْس / Weather" (Face-to-Face/Online)

    Arabic Level 2, Activity 06: "الطَّقْس / Weather" (Face-to-Face/Online)


    In this activity, students will focus on learning how to ask and answer questions about the weather as well as practicing تنوين الفتح adverbs.

    Can-Do Statements:

    • I can identify different kinds of weather statuses.

    • I can describe the weather conditions.

    • I can answer any question about my daily routine and the weather.

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    Activity Instructions

    الطَّقْس / Weather


    In this activity, students will focus on learning how to ask and answer questions about the weather as well as practicing تنوين الفتح adverbs.

    Semantic Topics:

    Weather, interests, app, rain, sun, snow, wind, hobbies, الخريف - الصيف - الشتاء - الطقس - الصباح - المساء.

    Grammatical Structures:

    تنوين الفتح ،adverbs.

    Products: Weather in Middle Eastern countries is very hot in the summer, lasting longer than the cold weather in winter. Snow is rare in Middle Eastern Countries.

    Practices: If you are planning to visit in summer, it is important to dress modestly, but I recommend bringing breathable clothes that you won’t overheat in, as well as UV-protecting clothing. I would also bring a hat to cover your face and head from the sun, as it is very hot in the summer.

    Perspectives: Arabs are used to hot weather. They don’t wear hats, and it’s better to stand out and protect your skin than burn in the sun. What would you think of Arabs' attitude on a very hot day?

    NCSSFL-ACTFL World-Readiness Standards:

    • Standard 1.1: Students engage in conversations or correspondence in Arabic to provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
    • Standard 1.2: Students understand and interpret spoken and written Arabic on a variety of topics.
    • Standard 2.1: Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the cultures of the Arab world.
    • Standard 4.2: Students demonstrate an understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons between the cultures of the Arab world and their own

    Idaho Content Standards for World Languages:

    • COMM 1.1: Interact and negotiate meaning (spoken, signed, written conversation) to share information, reactions, feelings, and opinions
    • COMM 2.1: Understand, interpret, and analyze what is heard, read, or viewed on a variety of topics.
    • CLTR 1.1: Analyze the cultural practices/patterns of behavior accepted as the societal norm in the target culture.
    • CLTR 1.2: Explain the relationship between cultural practices/behaviors and the perspectives that represent the target culture’s view of the world.

    NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements:

    • I can identify different kinds of weather statuses.
    • I can describe the weather conditions.
    • I can answer any question about my daily routine and the weather.

    Materials Needed:


    1. Begin by opening the Google Slideshow and introducing the Can-Do’s for today’s activity.
      ابدأ بفتح عرض الشرائح وتقديم (ما يمكن فعله) لنشاط اليوم.
    2. The warm-up will have four slides, each with a picture and a full sentence in Arabic.
      سيحتوي جزء الإحماء على 4 شرائح ، كل منها يحتوي على صورة وجملة كاملة باللغة العربية.
    3. Students will choose the word that best describes the picture.
      سيختار الطلاب الكلمة التي تصف الصورة على أفضل وجه.
    4. Continue until you have gone through all four slides.
      استمر حتى تنتهي من جميع الشرائح الأربع.

    Main Activity

    1. Students will take turns asking each other questions represented in slide 9.
      يتناوب الطلاب على طرح الأسئلة الواردة في الشريحة 9.
    2. They have to read the whole question and rephrase it for the person they ask.

    For example, if the question was (تتكلم ٣ لغات ؟) and the person answering is a female. They have to rephrase it to (هل تتكلمين ٣ لغات؟) and so on.

    يجب عليهم قراءة السؤال بالكامل وإعادة صياغة السؤال للشخص الذي يسألونه.

    مثال: إذا كان السؤال (تتكلم ٣ لغات؟) والمجيب أنثى. عليهم إعادة صياغته إلى (هل تتكلمين ٣ لغات؟) وهكذا

    1. Remind students when they find someone with a similar answer, to say; me too! وأنا أيضاً.
      ذكّر الطلاب عندما يجدون شخصًا مثلك ، لا تنس أن تقول ؛ أنا أيضا! Take turns to make sure that all the questions have been answered.
      تبادلوا الأدوار للتأكد من الإجابة على جميع الأسئلة.
    2. Wrap-Up

      1. You will have a slide that has a screenshot for the Weather App. Students will try to describe the weather from the picture provided. Encourage each one of them to bring one sentence describing the weather.
        سيكون لديك شريحة بها لقطة شاشة لتطبيق الطقس. سيحاول الطلاب وصف الطقس من الصورة المقدمة. شجع كل واحد منهم على إحضار جملة واحدة تصف الطقس.

      End of Activity

    • Read Can-Do statements once more and have students evaluate
      their confidence.
      (Use thumbs up/thumbs down or download our student cards.)
    • Encourage students to be honest in their self-evaluation.
    • Pay attention, and try to use feedback for future activities!

    NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements:

    • I can identify different kinds of weather statuses.
    • I can describe the weather conditions.
    • I can answer any question about my daily routine and the weather.