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    Native Americans During the American Revolution


    You will find a powerpoint with information about Native Americans during the American Revolution that discuss two tribes that are indigenous to region of the 13 colonies.  It includes slides that discuss which side they allied with, why they made that choice, what contributions they made to the war effort, and making allies with their particular side benefited them in the long run.  The resource includes a foldable worksheet that can me used along with the slides.  I have my students cut it down and add it to their interactive notebook.  


    After teaching my 5th grade class about the American Revolution for a few years now it was clear that the resources that have don't include the Native American perspective. They don't really even talk about how the Native Americans were affected by American Revolution.   I feel it is important to include the Native American perspective while teaching history.  Attached you will find a powerpoint that I have created and foldable worksheet that was created to go along with the powerpoint.  Of course this can go  much deeper but I am using it for 5th grade so I stuck to some key points and only used a few tribes as examples.  

    Nebraska 5th Grade Social Studies Standards

    SS5.1.2.e Examine how cooperation and conflict among people have contributed to the political, economic, and social events and situations in the United States.  

    SS5.1.2.f Determine how the roles of individuals and groups influenced government. 

    SS5.3.1 Explore where (spatial) and why people, places, and environments are organized in the United States. 

    SS5.3.4 Compare, contrast, and draw conclusions about the characteristics of culture and migration in the United States SS5.3.4.c Explain reasons for historical and present day migration to and within the United States. 

    SS5.4.1.a Examine the chronology of key events in the United States and communicate their impact on various groups in the past, present, and future. 

    SS5.4.2 Describe and explain multiple perspectives of historical events in the Pre-Columbian era through the Constitution including marginalized and underrepresented groups. ‘

    SS5.4.3 Analyze past and current events and challenges from the Pre-Columbian era through the Constitution.