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America's Failing Public School System

America's Failing Public School System


The issues within America's education system today. 

Issues with the Education System today

America is failing to properly educate the young minds of today. There are many issues like having to do with the lack of skilled professionals and the lack of diversity within the education system. Many face the issue of being pushed through the system and have little or no resources on how to better educate themselves. 

Below is an atricle that discusses 18 issues with America's education system today. Please read it through and think to yourself if you have ever been impacted by these issues. 

"Waiting for Superman"

Below is a clip from a documentary discussing the issues within the education system. The system has been facing these problems for many years now. However, none have been primarily resolved. This documentary shows the trials, errors, and successes many have gone thorugh to help better our education system. 

It is vital to not put the focus on the adults within the system, but rather the children. Politicians should be more focused on passing laws for the betterment of the children and not for the education professionals. For example, tenure and the Teacher's Union are major issues within the education system today. 

The public education system, although built to be run under the government and created to be equal, has ultimately failed our youth. Throughout the years, states and districts have shown the inequality many have had towards a better education.