Rose Van Moorlehem
Environmental Science, Physical Science
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High School
  • Carbon Cycle
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    The Carbon Cycle

    The Carbon Cycle


    Students will explore the cycling of carbon between the atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere through both naturally occuring and human caused effects. Students will also explore how the ocean, an important carbon sink, is impacted by the rise of CO2 levels due to human activities and how life in the oceans is impacted as a result through a series of short video experiments.

    Introduction: The Carbon Cycle

    Carbon will naturally cycle between the atmosphere (air), geosphere (rocks, soil, land), biosphere (living things like plants and animals) and the hydrosphere (rivers, lakes, ocean, etc). If undisturbed, this natural cycle of carbon maintains a steady amount of carbon in the different spheres of the Earth. However, as we have been learning, the carbon balance has been changing since the Industrial Revolution. 

    Click on THIS link to explore the carbon cycle and the effects of human impact on the carbon cycle.