Character Charting The Tempest

Characters and Vocabulary

Work Time

Look at the list of characters in Shakespeare’s The Tempest at the start of the play. Note that in Shakespeare’s day, the characters were listed according to rank, with kings and nobles first, followed by gentlemen, followed by workers and slaves, followed by women and then “spirits.”

  • To help you keep the characters straight, use the list of characters at the beginning of the play (the “dramatis personae”) and work with your teacher to create a Characters in The Tempest chart. Maintain a list of characters and information about them in your Notebook. Fill in information each day as you read and find out more about the characters.
  • As you run across vocabulary unfamiliar to you, note the word and where you found it in a Vocabulary in The Tempest list. Then figure out its definition. For example, the wordusurping to describe Antonio in the dramatis personae means that he has seized the position of Duke without having a legal right to do so.

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