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    The Cold War in Media: A Spreadsheet of Resources

    The Cold War in Media: A Spreadsheet of Resources


    This resources is a listing of materials that may potentially be used within a variety of lessons related to The Cold War

    This Spread sheet is a work in progress. It is not complete but does contain a considerable number of potentially useful resources. At present there are three tabs; Songs, Films, Fiction. The majority of materials listed reference or otherwise relate to a variety of Cold War themes and events. A few are simply included because they in some way epitomize or convey those same themes or events. Currently, the Fiction section is focussed on novels with a few plays included. There are also some anthologies (short stories) listed but it does not list individual short stories or poems. At some point in the future I may consider adding sections for Non-Fiction and for open licensed images. These resources may be used within a variety of lessons on the Cold War. Think of them as a collection of learning objects. For instance, I had, while I was a teacher used the origianl form of this document with a lesson on the Vietnam War. I had used sets of songs as a way to review prior class sessions on the Vietnam War era within a larger course on The Cold War. 

    Below is the link to the Google Sheet:

    Cold War in Media Google Sheets