Becky Ball, Crystal Van Ausdal
Computer Science
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Middle School
  • Evaluating Websites
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    Website Evaluation Worksheet

    Website Evaluation Worksheet


    This is a worksheet that helps students consider the websites that they are viewing.

    Students learn to: 

    • Evaluate websites using the following criteria
      • Authority
      • Purpose
      • Coverage 
      • Accuracy
      • Objectivity
      • Currency
      • Appearance
    • Compare websites for accuracy and value

    Website Evaluation Worksheet

    Website Evaluation

    STEP 1: Importance of Evaluating Websites

     In the green box below, answer the following question:                                                         

    Why do you feel that it is important to evaluate websites prior to using them?



    STEP 2: Dog Island Website Evaluation


        Click HERE to visit the DOG ISLAND WEBSITE                   

       Look through the website and answer the following questions in the space below:     

    What did you learn from this website? 
    Did you find the information on this website to be accurate? Why or why not? 
    What are some things you could do to evaluate a website? 


    STEP 3: Research

    The information you read on the previous page about Dog Island was completely fake! While the website looks like it might have contained legitimate information, it did not. So, how can you make sure that the information you are reading online is accurate?   It is important to have a way to evaluate which websites contain accurate information.

    1. Click on THIS LINK to view the video for more information about how to find correct and appropriate information on the web.
    2. Click on THIS LINK to view a website evaluation rubric that can be used to help you determine if a website is reputable and should be used to guide your thinking.
    3. View the videos below to see how the Dog Island website fared.
    AuthorityVideo Example
    PurposeVideo Example
    CoverageVideo Example
    AccuracyVideo Example
    ObjectivityVideo Example
    CurrencyVideo Example
    AppearanceVideo Example


    STEP 4: Comparing Websites

    Using the rubric above for a guide, click on the links below to compare the three websites:

        Answer the questions below:

    Which of the websites above would you use in writing a research paper? Why?                       
    Which of the websites above would you not use? Why not? 


    STEP 5: Website Evaluation Wrap-Up
    The goal of this lesson was to help you see the importance of evaluating a website before believing the claims that it makes. You were shown one rubric that can be used to help you. There are many other evaluation rubrics that can also be helpful. Read through the tutorial below to learn more. Then complete the following practice. In the end, the important thing is that you evaluate the websites that you read and visit!