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    Better Than Google: OER Commons

    Better Than Google: OER Commons


    Welcome to Day 2 of the Open Ed Pop Up Conference!  In this aysnchronous session we will take a guided trip through OER Commons.  You must join the group in order to particpate in the discussion (the directions to create a log in are on the website) 


    We are excited you joined us for this experience!

    Check out this quick video on why OER matters!

    Why Open Education Matters


    Check This Out: Bill Gates


    Why OER?  Check out what Bill Gates has to say about textbooks! 


    After watching the video, return to our Open Education Week Group and answer the discussion question!


    Bill Gates Says Textbooks are Becoming Obsolete



    Time To Explore!

    OER Commons is a lot like TJ Maxx; it can be overwhelming if you arent sure what you are looking for!  This section will help in navigating OER Commons. 

    There are different types of resources available here in OER Commons, everything from webpages to full student and professional development lessons.  This can be very overwhelming, kind of like Google. 

    If you live in Pennsylvania a great place to start is the PAIU Hub.  Since you joined this group, the PAIU Hub should now show up in the "My Hubs" dropdown menu.


    Head back to the PAIU Hub Home page, under PAIU Resources take time to explore the different sections:

    • Content Areas K-4
    • Content Areas 5-12
    • Trends
    • Professional Learning

    I love the Trends section 😀


    Find a resource that you like and save it to your items.  This will allow you to have quick access next time you are looking for it.  To do this:

    • Click on the resource title
    • Review the resource to determine if you want to save it
    • Click Save
    • Create a new folder
    • Save the resource in My Items




    Ready For More?!

    Ok, we know that all of us are here for different reason.  Some may be looking for pk-4 resources while others are looking for Biology lessons.  The awesome thing is that both are available here in the Commons.  We are going to kick it up a notch and use the DISCOVER tab!  This can be done either using the Discover tab or by searching.  For this activity we will use the Discover Tab.  



    From the Discover dropdown menu, on the OER Commons Home Page, choose Resources.  On this page there are resources listed by Subject Area and Material Type.  There is a TON!  Explore the topic most related to your area as well as a material type.   

    Your Task:

    Return to our Open Education Week group and share the information you found with the group using the Discussion:


    Takeaway and Prep for tomorrow!



    How could your instruction improve by including Open Education Resources?  Do you have a team membr that would benefit from Open Education Resources?

    Preperation For Day 3

    Tomorrow we will be exploring how to add Open Education Resources to a Hyperdoc lesson.  I have added a hyperdoc of the material used in this section above. 

    Finishing up the exploration of OER Commons, and a shameless plug 😉 , I recommend visiting the AIU8 Group and browsing what a hyperdoc lesson looks like (boring template, I know). If you are new to HyperDocs you may want to choose one for tomorrow that you can remix!

    Think about a lesson that you will be creating in the future and how you may build it using Open Education Resources.