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    Management: The Importance of Personality

    Management:  The Importance of Personality


    This activity has students taking the Myers-Briggs personality test.  Once they have taken the personality test they will create a poster highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.  They will also post to a discussion forum with a reflection on their results.

    Introduction to Personality Types


    • Iowa Business Education Core Standard #5:  Understands techniques, strategies, and systems used to foster self-understanding and enhance relationships with others.
      • Performance Element 5.1:  Foster self-understanding to recognize the impact of personal feelings on others


    Throughout this course we will be looking at the different functions of management.  One HUGE part of managing a business is managing people.  The people that work for a busienss all have unique personality characteristics and it is very important for management to be aware of this and to capitalize on the strengths of the employees.  The goal of this activity is for you to look at your personality type and determine your own strengths and weaknesses.  This will allow you to be a better leader, both in this classroom and when you go out into the workplace.


    Personality Test

    It is time for you to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test.  Go to and take the free personality test.  As you take this test try not to pick the Neutral option if possible.  Go with your gut instinct when answering - there is NO wrong answer!!  Make sure to write down your personality type along with the name of your personality type.  For example, I am an ESFJ-T (Consul).

    Apply Your Learning

    Now that you've had the opportunity to take the personality test it's time to take some time to learn some more about your personality type.  We will be referring to this throughout the semester so it's important for you to have a good understanding of both your strengths and weaknesses.

    You will be creating a poster (using your choice of technology**) that includes the following information:

    • Name
    • Your Personality Type (Letters & Name) - Example - ESFJ: Consul
    • 3 Strengths
      • Include one picture that represents the strength you relate to the most
    • 3 Weaknesses
      • Include one picture that represents the weakness you relate to the most

    When you are done you will turn your assignment in on Canvas to the Personality Type Poster assignment.


    **If you are stuck on how to make your poster, here is a listing of possible technology options:

    • Presentation Software (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote)
    • Word Processing Software (Word, Google Docs, Pages)
    • iPad Apps (Good Notes, Sketches School)
    • Online Sites (Canva, Piktochart)

    Note: these are just possibilities.  If you have another idea, run it by your teacher to see if it will work!

    Reflect on Your Learning

    You will be posting in the Personality Type Reflection discussion forum on Canvas.  Your discussion post should include the following:

    • Your Personality Type (Letters & Name) - Example - ESFJ: Consul
    • 5-7 sentences that reflect on your thoughts about the results of this personality assessment and whether or not it depicts your personality type.  Be thoughtful and provide specifics.

    Once you have posted your reflection you will respond to 2 classmates.  Your response should include the following:

    • 1-2 things that stood out from the original post
    • 1-2 ways you are similar to the person who originally posted
    • 1-2 ways you are different from the person who originally posted