Aujalee Moore, April Campbell
Mathematics, Social Science
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Middle School
  • 8th Grade Tribal History Lesson Plans
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    Math: Fishing for Treaty Rights

    Math: Fishing for Treaty Rights


    Many federal policies have had a negative impact on tribal nations in Oregon. This is particularly true in the area of fishing rights. The treaties signed with many different tribes ensured access to traditional Native fishing grounds, but the U.S. government later attempted to limit or eliminate this access. The tribes have fought back in the courts, and there have been several high-profile cases over the past several decades. In this lesson, students will examine these treaty rights violations through the application of linear equations.

    Math: Fishing for Treaty Rights

    Background for teachers:

    Before lesson delivery teachers should:

    • Review Oregon’s Math in Real Life Initiative
    • Review the focus outline to promote a rich context and a purposeful connection
    • Prepare the “fish stock bags.” Count roughly 100 fish-shaped crackers (2 cups) and place them in the bag with a small paper cup.

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