12th Grade, Everyman play, character and theme analysis. 
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Sadiya Bilal on Nov 09, 10:03pm

This resource has the potential to be highly effective if fleshed out more. There are many clear components missing that would allow a teacher to pick up this resource and quickly adapt it to their classroom. For instance, this is a lengthy homework assignment that some students may struggle with. There may need to be some class time devoted to completing this assignment. Do students have a choice to either do the podcast or thematic essay? How will students be paired if they are working collaboratively? What scaffolds are in place for students that may struggle to do this at home? These are just a few questions that I had.

Sadiya Bilal
on Nov 09, 09:59pm Evaluation

Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter: Limited (1)

This resource is limited in its ability to be picked up by another teacher and be ready to use in their classroom.

Sadiya Bilal
on Nov 09, 09:59pm Evaluation

Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching: Limited (1)

This resource doesn't give lengthy or clear straight forward directions for how the teacher should facilitate this lesson. For instance, the learning objective is unclear and their aren't many scaffolds in place to help students complete this assignment succesfully.



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