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    Report Feedback

    Report Feedback


    In this lesson, you'll join a small group to share your report and receive more feedback. Group members will choose one report to be presented in Lesson 28 to the whole class. You'll revise, proofread, and prepare the final draft of your report.

    In this lesson, students will join small groups to share their reports and receive more feedback. Group members will choose one report to be presented in Lesson 28 to the whole class. Students will revise, proofread, and prepare the final draft of their report.


    • Read the lesson and student content.
    • Anticipate student difficulties and identify the differentiation options you will choose for working with your students.

    Book Recommendations

    • Encourage students to read their recommendations aloud to the members of their group. They should feel free to ask each other questions about the books.


    Recall your 100-word book recommendation from Lesson 26.

    • Share your book recommendation with your group.

    Peer Response Groups

    • Organize the class into four or five equal-sized groups. After sharing their reports, each group will vote on one report to be shared with the entire class.
      • ELL: Encourage native speakers to be patient if the pace of ELLs is slower than theirs, and explain that listening attentively is one way in which we show we care for others.
    • Circulate through the room, listening in on the reading of the reports and the feedback.
    • Look for proofreading issues to present for the Closing activity.

    Work Time

    Within your group, take time to share your report.

    • After you share, entertain questions and comments about your report. Request advice about how to make the report stronger and more interesting.

    Most Compelling Issue

    • SWD: Encourage all students to be inclusive when choosing a group member’s report and to allow others to participate actively. It is important that SWDs have the chance to participate as actively as the rest of the students.
    • Remind students that their final drafts must be submitted by Lesson 28.
    • Ask the students who will be presenting during Lesson 28 to let you know about audiovisual needs.

    Work Time

    Complete a Quick Write in response to the following question.

    • What is the most compelling issue in your group’s presentations?

    Open Notebook

    Share your response with your group. When all group members have shared and heard feedback, choose one member to deliver his or her report to the entire class. Help that student by giving suggestions about improving the multimedia features of the report.

    Let your teacher know which student’s essay will be presented during Lesson 28.

    Proofreading Issues

    • Teach a minilesson about one or two proofreading issues that you noticed as you listened in during this period.


    Your report is due during the next lesson. Before turning it in, you will need to proofread it.

    • Listen as your teacher shares some proofreading suggestions.

    Report Assignment

    • Give support to the students who will present their essays.


    Finish working on your report.

    • Carefully proofread your essay.
    • If you have been chosen to present to the whole class, prepare your presentation.