Jennifer Neset
Ancient History
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Activity/Lab, Assessment, Game, Unit of Study
Upper Primary, Middle School
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6th Grade Ancient Greece Breakout

6th Grade Ancient Greece Breakout


This is a breakout lesson created for a 6th grade unit on Ancient Greece.

Teacher Items

  1.  Make one copy of each page on cardstock for every group/box. 
  2. Laminate the cover page to the front of a large manila envelope.
  3. Laminate the cardstock pages.  Cut and put one copy of each lock page in the laminated envelopes.
  4. If you want to give students a hint, make a hint card to place in each envelope.
  5. Put one copy of the congratulation page inside each lock box. 
  6. Prepare your locks for each group in advance.
  7. Divide students into groups.
  8. Review expectations.
  9. Determine the amount of time allowed to solve the puzzles and display on the board.
  10. Pass out the boxes and envelopes.
  11. Have fun!

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