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    Music Appreciation

    Music Appreciation


    This course is an interactive discussion of music through the ages and how we as a people from various walks of life can appreciate it.

    Appreciating Call and Response

    This section discusses the origins of step dancing in the African-American culture. The link below written by 

    Nicola F. Mason of Eastern Kentucky University discusses the roots of this dance and its music from South Africa.

    Native Dance and Music: African American Steppin'

    Writing Prompt:

    1. What is the traditional African name for gumboot dancing? What does it mean? How does this name represent the historical origins of gumboot dancing?

    2. What other names are often used in reference to Steppin’? How do these names represent the historical origins of Steppin’?

    3. “Gumboot dancing and Steppin’ are no longer restricted by place, purpose, or person.” What are the places, purposes, and persons referred to in this statement?

    4. Discuss ways that learning about gumboot dancing and Steppin’ in the classroom can assist in developing cultural sensitivity in students.


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