Whole Number Division

Jan’s Method

Work Time

Jan’s Method

Jan wants to find 2 ÷ 35.

She makes the model pictured below. She reasons:

“To find 2 ÷ 35, I made a model with 2 wholes and divided each whole into fifths. Then I shaded groups of 3 fifths. There are 3 groups of 3 fifths and 13 of a group of 3 fifths left over.

So, 2 ÷ 35 = 313.”

  • Discuss Jan’s method with your partner. Then try to explain it in your own words.
  • Carlos thinks the answer is 315 because 15 of a whole is left over. Explain why his reasoning is incorrect.

Ask yourself:

  • What value does each equal group in the model represent?
  • What fraction of an equal group is left over?