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    Final Project Review

    Final Project Review


    Students will continue to upload their chapters and artifacts. They’ll also have time to do another review of their work and go over any unresolved technical issues or questions that they have.


    • Read the lesson and student content.
    • Anticipate student difficulties and identify the differentiation options you will choose for working with your students.
    • Be ready to address students’ technical questions from the previous lesson.

    Project Work Goals

    • Remind students that by the end of this lesson, they should essentially be done uploading their files. SWD: Assist students if they are struggling to identify good goals. Consider grouping those who need extra help and working with them as a way of providing support.


    What do you hope to accomplish today?

    • Use your Planning Calendar and File Map to set goals for today’s Work Time. Share your goals with your teacher.

    Open Notebook

    Technical Issues and Questions

    • Take this time to address issues that arose as students continued to create their multimedia self-portraits. ELL: Be sure that students are engaging with this activity successfully. If they need further support, gather them and provide additional explanations.
    • Review the Publishing Tips and Tricks class chart if necessary. SWD: Students with disabilities may have difficulty becoming efficient with technology tools. Check to ensure students have adequate instruction on how to use the tools as well as time for guided practice.

    Work Time

    Do you have any questions or technical issues about the website-creation or portfolio platform?

    • Take a few minutes to go over questions and unresolved technical issues with your teacher.

    Project Work

    • Circulate and try to address any technical issues that come up.

    Work Time

    Spend this time working on your project.

    • Continue building your project.
    • Refer to the Publishing Tips and Tricks class chart to help you. Keep track of any new tips or tricks you discover that you can share with your classmates.

    Project Progress

    • Take a few minutes to talk about solutions students have found and issues they are still facing. Often, students may have found a way to solve problems that other students are struggling with.
    • Add to the Publishing Tips and Tricks class chart.
    • Read through your students’ concerns—they will help give you a sense of where your students are and what additional support they might need.


    Update your Planning Calendar to reflect what you accomplished today.

    Share your discoveries and concerns with your classmates.

    • What did you figure out about creating a multimedia self-portrait?
    • What issues are still unresolved?
    • After the discussion with your classmates, list your top two concerns about completing this project.

    Open Notebook

    Project Work

    • Remind students that in the next lesson, they will be working on enhancements to their projects.


    Keep working on your self-portrait.

    • Finish importing and uploading files to your project.
    • If you are behind, finish creating, editing, and organizing your chapters and your artifacts.
    • Log your progress in your Planning Calendar