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  • Armenia
  • Armenian Genocide
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    Armenian Genocide Additional Resources

    Armenian Genocide Additional  Resources


    Links to additional resources on the Armenian Genocide

    The Oregon Open Learning Social Science Hub includes several resources for teaching the Armenian genocide in support of SB 664 Holocaust and other genocides studies. Additional resources are provided by the Genocide Education project below for further exploration.

    6. iWitness: A unique lesson to accompany the iWitness photo-documentary exhibit about Armenian Genocide survivors, iWitness provides an ideal vehicle for middle-high school students to explore first-person testimonies of the Armenian Genocide through an artistic, interpretive lens.


    7. They Shall Not Perish: This curriculum booklet highlights America’s response to the Armenian, Anatolian Greek, and Assyrian genocides through the work of the Near East Relief foundation, established by U.S. Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, and credited with saving over one million survivors, including those who established the foundations of Armenian-American communities across the United States.

    8. Survivor Objects

    The Zeytun Gospels, an 800-year-old manuscript, survived the Armenian Genocide. Understanding the life of an object like the Zeytun Gospels illuminates the devastation of genocide. It also shows how justice, even in small doses, can be found amidst the ruins left by genocide.

    Follow this sacred document’s journey through an inquiry-based lesson plan and connect with our YouTube feature on an ancient bible that found a home after 100 years of wandering.

    9. "The Promise”: a 2016 American historical drama film directed by Terry George and starring Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon and Christian Bale, set in the final years of the Ottoman Empire (streaming on Amazon Prime, Netflix)

    GenEd lesson plan and study guide

    10. "The Other Side of Home”

    Public Library or for rent on film’s site:

    For students:

    Armenian Journey: A 13-minute first-person video documentary, produced by The Genocide Education Project tells the story of Armenian Genocide survivor and Rhode Island resident, Margaret Garabedian Der Manuelian, told through the narrative voice of her great-granddaughter, 21-year-old Dalita Getzoyan.

    Twenty Voices: A full-length video documentary including interviews with 20 Armenian Genocide survivors, excerpted into themes such as “deportation,” “desert,” “massacres,” “orphanages,” “Ellis Island,” “nationality,"hatred”

    Recommended Books:

    The Hundred-Year Walk: An Armenian Odyssey

    Goodbye, Antoura

    Forgotten Fire

    Black Dog of Fate

    Three Apples Fell From Heaven

    The Road From Home: The Story of an Armenian Girl