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    Final Chapter Of Self-Portraits

    Final Chapter Of Self-Portraits


    Students will write their Artist’s Statement and upload it as the final chapter in their self-portrait. They’ll review their entire project to make final edits and plans for completing their work. For homework, they’ll finalize any remaining details and publish their project.


    • Read the lesson and student content.
    • Anticipate student difficulties and identify the differentiation options you will choose for working with your students.

    Artist?s Statement Checklist

    • Take a few minutes to review the requirements of the Artist’s Statement with students.


    • Review your Artist’s Statement Outline and the Artist’s Statement Checklist that you and your classmates compiled in the previous lesson.

    Discuss any questions you have with your classmates.

    Your Artist?s Statement

    • If students have time, encourage them to get feedback from a partner about their Artist’s Statement.

    SWD: Students with disabilities may have difficulty becoming efficient with technology tools. Check to ensure students have adequate instruction on how to use the tools as well as time for guided practice.

    ELL: Allow ELLs to work with those who share the same primary language if they wish to do so.

    Work Time

    Complete your Artist’s Statement.

    • Write (or continue to write) your Artist’s Statement. If you finish with time to spare, you may opt to share it with a partner for feedback.
    • Upload your Artist’s Statement, including any artifacts, as a final chapter in your self-portrait.

    Open Notebook

    Final Plans

    • Remind students that the final two lessons will be devoted to sharing and celebrating their accomplishments. SWD: Check in with students to assess their progress; provide specific feedback about what they have accomplished and what needs to be completed for homework.


    Your entire project should be complete, edited, uploaded, and published by this point.

    • Do you have anything left to finish? If so, make a plan for how you will get it done and share your plan with your teacher!

    Open Notebook

    Final Details

    • Remind students that everything must be complete before the beginning of the next lesson.


    Have you finished your self-portrait? It must be completed before the next lesson.

    • Review your self-portrait and finish any final details of your project!