Amber Rookstool
Religious Studies
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Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment
High School, Community College / Lower Division
  • Academic Study of Religion
  • Devotional Assertion
  • Religion
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    The Academic Study of Religion in Literature of World Religions


    A non-linear interactive presentation for students to discover why studying religino is important and how to approach the study of religion from a nonsectarian view.

    Literature of World Religions

    This Interactive Presentation is a brief overview on the academic study of religion to support student discovery in why it is important to study religion and what the academic study of religion means. It also introduces students into the method behind our specific class's approach studying literature of world religions.

    This assignment is meant for 11th-12th graders.

    The Religious Freedom Center, with support from the American Academy of Religion, created a pamphlet called The Academic Study of Religion Across the Curriculum: A Teaching Framework and Learning Indicators. The first standard listed asks students to "Explain and analyze the distinction between a devotional assertion of religious beliefs and behaviors and the academic study of diverse devotional assertions from a nonsectarian perspective in specific social and historical contexts." Before achieving this, it is important for students to understand what the academic study of religion means. The following resource breaks this indicator down into exploratory sections for students to discover what academic study of religion means, the definition of religion, and how to distinguish a devotional assertion and a nonsectarian perspective.

    This is only a brief presentation and is meant to be used in a 50 minute class, allowing 20-30 minutes of exploration and reading, 10-15 minutes of discussion, and 5-10 minutes of reflection. A more detailed discovery presentation would look at Ninian Smart's Dimensions and how to use them to approach studying literature from the worlds religions.