Divide a Fraction by a Fraction

Mia’s Method


Mia's Method

Mia uses the following method to find 23÷14:

“To find 23÷14, I need to find the number of fourths in 23. I can make a model of 23, but I think it would be difficult to figure out the number of fourths in the model.

“I think the problem would be easier if both fractions had the same denominator. I can change the denominator of each fraction to 12 and rewrite the problem as 812÷312.

“Now I can make a model of 812 and then find the number of groups of 3 twelfths in my model.

“In my model there are 2 groups of 3 twelfths, with 23 of a group of 3 twelfths left over.
So, 23÷14=223.”

  • Discuss Mia’s method with your partner and then with the class.