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    Comparing Decimals -- Out Teach

    Comparing Decimals -- Out Teach


    The students will use their knowledge of decimals and place value to compare decimals using greater than less than and equal to symbols.

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    In 5th grade students are familiar with costs, time, capacity, distance and weight This lesson will embed all these skills into real world problems and give students the opportunity to compare decimals.

    Key Vocabulary

    • Compare

    • Decimal

    • Place value

    Guiding Question

    • What is the difference in comparing and ordering?

    • What technique do you use to compare decimals?


    Have this problem on the board as a quick engage.

    • One group of students finished weeding in 5 minutes and 5 hundredths seconds (5.05) the other group in 5 minutes exactly (5.00) Use symbols to explain.

    Allow students to work independently first then share their answers with a partner.

    Listen to pairs for solutions.


    Give each team a different challenge or if you prefer have students complete the same tasks and extend the learning throughout the week. These could also be used as stations.

    • Activity One: Have a group of 3-4 measure in mm or meters the length of 2 objects.

    • Activity Two: Have a group measure the weight of 2 or 3 objects using a scale.

    • Activity Three: Have a group collect the costs of all seeds and fertilizers etc. in the shed.

    • Activity Four: Have a group record the time it takes them to move a wheelbarrow from one end of the garden to the other. Compare length and width

    Management Note: (Sample): Ensure students understand the boundaries of the area they are exploring, review expectations and make sure they listen for the signal to return to the gathering space.

    Students should be sketching their activity and write the strategies they used to solve

    Ask: What are you taking into consideration when ______

    Ask: How many

    Ask: How will you

    Ask: Is there another way?

    • Differentiation Note: Place an equal number of boys and girls in each group. Show them how to track the number of hours they spend planting, weeding and watering.


    Have teams share out their activity and the steps they took to find a solution.

    Ask: For measurement, what if we used standard?

    Ask: For weight, what if we___

    Ask: Determine cost for wood for fence


    Have teams develop new real world decimal problems using measurement, cost, weight or time for home projects.


    Use the solutions in journals.

    Extensions and Connections

    Have students solve problems at home.

    Career Connections

    The IF/THEN collection is the world’s largest free digital library of authentic and relatable images and videos of women STEM innovators.  


    Dr. Minerva Cordero is a mathematician whose passion for math started at a young age in Puerto Rico. 


    Have your students watch this video for inspiration about pursuing STEM careers, and read this profile to learn more about Dr. Cordero's story.


    Thank you for creating a culture shift in how the world perceives women in STEM.