David Michalski
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Gender Equality


Personal study and examination of enviorment 

Gender Equailty Jjay

Sanjay Mathura, David Michalski, Eesha Shah Youth and Justice FY08
Professor Deneia Fairweather
Final OER Contribution

Group #5 Sustainability Goal 5- Gender Inequality

When conducting this research, our group made sure not to make the topic being discussed one-sided. We focused on conducting research based on the lack of respect/ awareness women have in the fast-food industry, sports, as well as transgenders. No assumptions were made based on the research that was done since we all experienced the sights for ourselves in person which we expressed through pictures. We all witnessed what it was like for ourselves to see women in different work areas, especially transgenders, are treated and are harassed on a daily basis just because of their gender. The intended purpose of this research is to educate and inform people who may not know that gender equality is still an issue that is present today. It is to show the mistreatment that women across the world face in the fast-food industry and how their gender affects them from playing sports. Looking at this from an anthropological perspective, gender inequality is analyzed by many people and transgenders also feel the same way that women feel being mistreated. Looking at this from a transgender’s perspective, this inequality affects them more since some people don’t consider transgenders to be capable of doing any sort of work. Transgenderism is normal, and if that is not enough, it is scientific and very real. Having transgenderism covered in school curriculums, when they learn about race and prejudice, is a foolproof way of avoiding discrimination in the future and deterring false news and rumors. Women in the fast-food area for example McDonald's are very discriminated against

each day whether it be sexual harassment, verbal abuse, or mistreatment by customers or co-workers.

They experience these things daily but they go unheard because they don’t have a voice in the industry, unlike the men who do. Hundreds of female employees have been subjected to sexual harassment at Mcdonald's restaurants as well as the mistreatment by co-workers and daily customers. Several sexual jokes and remarks towards women in the fast-food industry are made daily and sometimes cannot be controlled since the men take control over the women most times. Connecting this topic to colonialism, gender equality has been an issue since most of these industries are run by men and they are the ones who start most of these franchises so it is hard for women to speak their mind or suggest any sort of reform. We can improve the discrimination of women in the work area by coaching them at lower levels to take on jobs they may not feel comfortable about. We can also manage who gets promotions and who really deserves them instead of giving them to people who won’t do work at all. Women suffer frequent discrimination in their access to and practice of both amateur and professional sport. Male athletes are very different from female athletes and this may be why the average male may discriminate against them. The average adult male athlete tends to have more muscle mass and less body fat compared to the average female athlete, thus putting the female athlete at an initial disadvantage.

Similar to the fast-food work area, women were not the first to be introduced to sports because men had the advantage of playing while they got to spectate. Men ruled the industry of sports until women were allowed to play and even then men still somehow were seen as superior to them. Apart from the physical, verbal, and sometimes sexual harassment that a transgender person may encounter, they are restricted from the sport they want to play. People can create a

community in which others join in to support the cause of the discrimination of women and transgenders in sports so it can be a safe place for everyone.