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This study guide will help you prepare for the US citizenship test. The citizenshiptest is a one-to-one interview with a US CIS officer. The test has three areas.The US CIS officer wants to know:• that you understand and can answer these questions about US government,history and geography.• that you understood and answered the questions on your N-400 formcorrectly.• that you can read, write and speak English.This study guide will help you prepare for the test. It will teach you how to answerall the questions.Each chapter presents some information about the US government, history orgeography. Use that information to write answers to the questions at the end ofeach chapter. Then do the multiple-choice exercises. If you have time you can goback and practice asking and answering the questions with a partner.There is also a dictation practice in the last 4 chapters. These are sentences usedby the US CIS to show that you can write in English. Your answers don't have tobe perfect. Have a partner read the questions and answers (from the lists at the endof this book). Write the answers. Check your answers. You don't have to writeperfectly to pass this test.Finally, there are questions about the information on your N-400 form. Writeanswers to these questions, and then practice answering these questions with apartner. The officer will ask you about the information on your N-400 form. Youmay be asked to explain some of your answers to show that you understand thequestion and have answered it correctly.
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