Introduction to CK-12!

Introduction to CK-12!

Introduction to CK-12!

What is CK-12?

I'm so glad you asked! 

CK-12 offers a customizable, interactive, digital, option for textbooks! It provides the opportunity to:

  • Perfectly match your scope and sequence
  • Improve lessons with teacher content
  • Capture content from all teachers at your school or in your district
  • Add localized content to engage students
  • Include student content to capture enthusiasm  

Intrigued? Ready to learn more? Let's Go!!

Why CK-12?

Why District Leaders Choose CK-12

This quick video is “Why District Leaders Choose CK-12.” It is a great introduction to CK-12 and how educators have used CK-12 to improve student learning.

Why District Leaders Choose CK-12


What is Available?

The CK-12 authors have created an amazing amount of standards based, fully customizable, textbooks that can integrate with most LMS platforms!  There is also a wonderful community of educators who have shared their already customized books. 

Here are some examples of CK-12 authored STEM books:

High School Options!

High School Math
Available Math Flexbooks
High School Science
Available Science Flexbooks

Middle School Options!

Middle School Math
Middle School Math
Middle School Science
Middle School Science


Your Task: Let's Do This!

CK-12 FlexBooks can be accessed, shared, and integrated a number of ways.  

OER Commons has a section of CK-12 FlexBooks that is in the process of being updated.  I have added a few of them within this Group folder for easy access and to see what it looks like moving from OER Commons to CK-12.

Here is your task:

Once you have explored the FlexBooks, please return to continue with the next section.





Now that you had the opportunity to check out some of the FlexBooks, please go the Discussion: CK-12 Thoughts and answer the questions.

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Adaptive Practice

One of the best things about CK-12 is it allows educators to easily adapt and personalize the content to ensure every student is successful in learning the material.  

Listen to this testimonial about adaptive practice.

Adaptive Practice


Your Task: Adaptive Practice

Adaptive practice is built in to all the CK-12 lessons, here are some other advantages to the adaptive practice:

  • 150,000 math, science, and spelling questions

  • Hints and scratchpad for questions

  • Get 10 correct to move to new concept

  • Checks if students know prerequisites

  • Offers recommended content if struggling

  • Teacher can assign specific concepts 

  • Teacher gets detailed reports

Teachers can access an assignment report to see how the students are doing!

Heat map assignment report

Your Task

Go to CK-12 Adaptive Practice and give it a try!

Interactives, PLIX, and Simulations!

As you may have noticed when browsing the FlexBook, it also has images, videos, interactives, PLIX Interactives, and simulations embedded into the content!!

Please choose to visit one of the following options for a deeper dive! Or visit the Cafe to see what other educators are talking about!


  • 120+ Physics & Chemistry simulations
  • Start with a guiding question
  • Control multiple variables in the “sandbox”
  • Slider based questions
  • Additional real-world extensions
  • Embedded throughout the FlexBook® 2.0 lessons

PLIX Interactives

  • PLIX: Play, Learn, Interact, eXplore
  • 1,100+ math and science interactives
  • Each PLIX has:
  • Simple exploration of a single concept
  • Follow up questions with hints
  • Open Discussion question
  • Links to online discussions & relevant material
  • Embedded throughout the FlexBook® 2.0 lessons

CK-12 Cafe

  • Discussion forums
  • Homework help
  • Answers from other students, teachers, and experts
  • Questions of the Week
  • “I wonder” questions
  • Math Corner
  • Science Corner
  • Jumpstart for Educators
  • Specific state forums




Please go to the Padlet and share your thoughts.

CK-12 Padlet

If you are interested in learning more about CK-12 they have some fantastic webinars:

CK-12 Webinars

For more information about OER Commons, CK-12 or other Open Education Resources contact me!

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